We were in Napoli


We flew into and spent an overnight in Napoli.  I have to be brutally honest, I was not happy to have to spend the night in Naples.  I remember driving through as a teenager and how dirty it looked.

My memory was not too far off, there are piles of garbage on the street, years worth of grime from pollution, graffiti tagged walls, and rows of cinderblock apartment buildings.

It is a tough, hard city, that requires your game face when walking around town. And for the light of heart wear your Wellington boots.  Wellies will ensure you can walk normally and don’t look like an OCD tourist dodging the piles of garbage on the street.

Yet, Napoli is full of energy, light and people.  Stores are open past dark, people of all ages are walking the streets, talking, yelling, protesting.  Napoli, is without a doubt alive.


Since we only had a few hours in the city, we made it about eating!  Of course we had to have pizza, in the city that supposedly created it.  Napoli didn’t disappoint.  Jon had a pizza that also was part calzone, stuffed with ricotta and salami.  I went for the basic and delicious Margherita.












When you are traveling abroad in your thirties, instead of your twenties, a few things change.  For example, when having to stay in Naples overnight, we are not going to stay in a hostel or in a hotel near the train station.  I have to feel safe, so we found a hotel in the historic district.  The hotel, Palazzo Turchini, was clean, the reception desk had an English speaking person and they were happy to tell us where to go to get the best pizza.  Our room was small, but well decorated.  We would definitely return, if we end up in Naples again.  It is also just around the corner from Castle Nuovo.

castle nuovo

If you love New York City, I am sure you can find a place in your heart for Napoli.  And what is a trip to Italy without a protest in the streets as soon as you arrive?


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