Guardian Angels of Travel


I encountered my first guardian angel of travel when I was eleven and making my first international flight alone.  Those were the days when my parents could get on the plane as well and get me set up in my seat before the plane took off.  But there was still a sense of unease not knowing who you were going to be next too on an 8 hour flight.  The lady that ended up in the seat next to me was an English grandmother and kept me company the entire journey.  When we landed in London, she stayed with me and took me straight to my nanny that was picking me up at the airport.  Her kindness has remained in my memory and how much safer she made me feel.

The second guardian angel of travel was when I was sixteen and taking the chunnel for the first time.  This time my nanny took me to the train station in London and my parents were picking me up in Paris.  It was my first time going to France and I didn’t know any French.  The lady next to me was in her late-thirties, early-fourties and became my buddy on the the train ride.  She helped me get my luggage and got me straight to my parents in what seemed to be an enormous train station and completely foreign.  Again a person offering kindness in a foreign land.

The third guardian angel of travel is our new friend Johan.  If you have been reading, you know we met him just a week or so ago on the train.  For our last day in Belgium he came to pick us up for dinner.  We ended up going to Chimay, Belgium and drinking the famous Chimay trappist beer.  We had a wonderful time.  We woke up the following morning with a note from our host that he was ill and could not take us to the train station.  Johan woke up before 7 AM to come pick us up and take us to our train.  The roads were icey and treacherous and we were thanking him profusely.  His response, “It gives me great pleasure.”

There are times in life when the kindness of strangers or the kindness of new friends, are like angels taking care of you.  You never know when you might be someone’s guardian angel, maybe today?

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