Le Mistral – The Winds of Southern France

blue skies

We are up early today because of the Le Mistral.  The Mistral is a strong, powerful wind that whips through Southern France.  The wind comes from the Swiss Alps and rushes down south bringing colder air in the winter and spring.

It can blow continuously for days, or might just be here over night or for a few hours during the day.  Being from Florida, it sounds like being in a tropical storm or minor hurricane.  It literally moves heavy rod iron deck furniture as if it was the cheap light weight plastic stuff!   So when we wake up in the morning we have no idea what to expect.  A few times we have found furniture all the way to the side of the property in the pool, including heavy glass tables.

The advantage is, according to locals, it clears the air of all the dust and particles, which is what gives you the beautiful skies and colors of the area.  It is true, the color here is different. I took this picture of the mimosa flower that is blooming all over the mountains right now and the sky behind is amazing.  I have NOT photoshopped or enhanced the picture at all, that is the raw beauty here.


The best part is how the locals embrace Le Mistral, they see the beauty it leaves behind.  It has the sense of cleansing not only the air but the energy as well, whipping away the negative and allowing the pure light to shine in all its greatness.

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