Lazy Beach Days

Cavaliere beach

Forgive me for the late posting today, but it was one of those lazy Sundays, where you curl up with a good book and drift in and out of sleep on the chaise lounge.

The most strenuous thing we did today was take a walk down to the beach right in the center of Cavaliere.  Or more accurately, Nelson, walked us to the beach.  Nelson is the dog of Chateau Merienne, although simply calling him a dog, doesn’t seem accurate.  I don’t know how it happens but the dogs in Europe are drastically different than in the U.S.  They are more human-like, you hardly ever hear them bark, they are grossly more independent and the lack of concern by their owners actually seems to make them more well behaved.

At times, I can be quite scared of dogs, when they run up to you, barking and jumping.  But here the dogs don’t pay you any attention, barely sniffing as you walk by, which is how I prefer it.  And most of the times the dogs aren’t even on leashes.

Nelson, being an European dog, has been leaving the chateau by himself in the mornings, to go down to the beach for a swim.  Although he seems to believe he is getting away with it, his snout is covered in sand on his return and neighbors report his whereabouts.

Since we had not been to the beach in Cavaliere yet and didn’t know exactly how to get there we decided to let Nelson lead us to the beach, which he did perfectly.  At one point we were all wanting to go right, knowing the sea had to be nearby, but Nelson lead us to the left and directly to the beach access.

Jon, Nelson & Cristina

We went with our new friend Cristina, she is also staying at the Chateau.  She left her job 5-years ago and has been traveling Europe ever since.  So for those of you writing us saying you wish you were young again to travel.  Cristina is a very young sixty-something enjoying every moment of her life!  She is also sharing with us all her expertise in traveling, which couldn’t have been more perfect timing at the beginning of our journey.

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!

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