Journey to St. Tropez

st tropez

If you guessed St. Tropez, you were correct!  We took a quick trip along the French Riviera to the city that is known for hosting celebrities and millionaires.  We were actually there on Saturday for the market.  We love being able to be in towns for the Saturday market because more people are out and about, and you get a feel for the locals.

At the St. Tropez market all the vendors had samples to try and encouraged each passerby to try their personal treats.  We had everything from olives, to cheese, to sugary bread, to dessert.





St. Tropez is actually a small fishing village.  Except the marina is filled with multi-million dollar yachts and fifty foot sail boats with perfectly maintained wooden decks, instead of fishing boats.

st tropez


stairs al fresco


Coming from a high-end beach town of Sarasota, with beautiful marinas, we didn’t fall under the spell that everyone else seems to of St. Tropez.  It was beautiful but we find the town of Cavaliere or La Lavendou just as charming, with less plastic if you get our drift!  Just driving the French Riviera is the part we found most beautiful.  Once we got out of St. Tropez, we took a picture of the storm that was rolling in over the town.

storm rolling in



PS. If you only get the emails of the posts, some people have told us they are not getting them.  I post daily, so if you don’t get an email, come check out the blog.  We have updated everything, so hopefully it is working again.

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