Finding the breath and snow in Belgium


If you haven’t noticed the shift, I finally came back to my breath.  It is amazing after about a of year of yoga teacher training and two years of teaching yoga, I forgot everything. I couldn’t even tell you my favorite meditations.  All I could remember was inhale Sat, exhale Nam.  Sat means truth, nam means name, so truth is my name or truth is my identity.    It turns out that simple breath was all I needed.  The anxiety is pretty much gone.

So when I came downstairs in the morning and Jon said, “I don’t want you to freak, but we just got some news that is going to effect our travels.”  I was able to stay calm and not panic.  The hosts of our next location had cancelled on us, without even an apology.  In about a week we were supposed to be in the black forrest of Germany.  It was a spot I was particularly looking forward to because my grandmother’s family was from the area, so I had addresses of old family homes to see and towns to explore.  Plus the owners of the B&B were professionals in the hospitality field, so Jon was looking forward to that interaction as well.

I simply took it as a sign that we are supposed to go somewhere else.  And thanks to my deep breathing, I was able to stay centered and know we would be taken care of.  By the afternoon we had three different email responses of places to go.  We ended up committing to the first person that responded and we are looking forward to our new location.

If there is anything we are learning, it is being more flexible and going with the flow.  Because going with the flow, will get you there with far less effort.

We are actually settling in and really enjoying our time in the countryside of Belgium.  Yesterday, we walked for almost 2 hours in the snow.  Considering it was only about the third to fourth good snow these Florida Crackers have ever seen, we explored with a kid like curiosity and excitement.


At one point, we stopped, ankle deep in snow.  Looked up to the sky, watching millions of flakes float down to the ground.  Taking in the peaceful silence that comes with snow.  Hearing only the few flakes that hit your hat.  We are in Belgium.  Today we are walking, in the snow, in Belgium.  Who knew we would ever end up here?


And if you missed the video on Facebook, weather man Jon posted a video of the snow:

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