Au revoir Paris


Our last day in Paris was perfection.  We have no idea how the Parisians actually live out their daily lives, but we felt very Parisian.  The day started with coffee and croissant before making our way to the Louvre.  On the first Sunday of every month, most of all of the museums are free in Paris.  So if you have the ability to plan your trip to Paris on the first Sunday, you can save a significant amount of Euros.  The lines are also shorter, because there is no waiting for everyone to pay.  So the maximum we waited in any line was about 10 minutes.

You could spend days in the Louvre and never see everything, but we of course had to pay our respects to Mona Lisa.  They have her behind glass, so you can see reflections in the picture I took.

“I have a secret, and I’m not telling.”


We then traveled through time from Italy, to ancient Greece, to Egyptian times, all within the walls of the Louvre.  It is amazing to see art that has been preserved for hundreds and thousands of years.

3 faces

After strolling and enjoying the museum, we decided to treat ourselves to a cafe lunch.  Or more precisely, The Rents, generously gave us some Euros to spoil ourselves before we left the States, so they treated us to a Parisian cafe lunch.  It was decadent, indulgent and perfect.  A few hours sipping on a half bottle of wine, enjoying a first course of soup and salad, then ravioli gratin and beef carpaccio, all to be finished off with dessert, while enjoying each moment, made us fall in love with France, that much more.

With that feeling of loving life, where you can’t help but so have a slight grin on your face, we walked to Centre Pompidou, a modern art museum in Paris.  This was Jon’s pick.  I love how interested he is in modern art, because it is all him.  Modern art has never been much interest to me, how 4 jackets on a white wall is museum worthy, is mind boggling to me.  But the most amazing thing occurred when we were walking through, I found myself inspired.  If a canvas painted in solid blue is hanging in Pompidou, then it is possible for me to be creative and express myself in artistic ways.  It creates a spark that anything is possible.  Another shift occurred when Jon told me, while standing in front of a Picasso, for the first time in our 10 years together, that the art history class he took at MCC was one of his favorite classes.  He then continued with throwing out names like Matisse and Pollock.  I felt like a whole new person was standing before me that I didn’t know, yet I loved him even more for sharing this discovery.  Modern art brought out a questioning mind and a inner calling for creativity.

Centre Pompidou, a very controversial building for Paris.

Had to share this from Pompidou. It reminded us of going crabbing with our good friends the Bosses, with nothing but panty hose and chicken necks.


We continued our museum day with Musee de l’Orangerie to see Monet’s water lilies.  Out of all the museums I was dragged to by my parents as a teenager in Paris, the most memorable for me was Monet’s water lilies.  I wanted Jon to experience them as well.  When you visit them you enter an oval room and each of the four rounded walls has the painting from floor to ceiling.  You are surrounded by blues and greens, as if you, yourself are in the center of the painting.  It is cooling and calming energetically to be in the art.  Still one of my favorites.

Finally we made our walk home, our last day walking to our Parisian apartment, seeing the Eiffel Tower on our walk to the front door.  Thankful for the magic of our home for the past 8 days.  But after warming up we had to make one last trip to the steel structure, that signifies Paris.

The moment we walked into the park, we gasped.  In that exact moment the Eiffel tower lit up in sparkles.  Au revoir Paris, au revior.



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