Entering Solitude for a Week

yoga borgo feature

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a certain place or destination for years?  Spending hours devouring the website, meeting other people that have gone and dreaming of going there one day?  For me that place was Yoga Borgo high in the mountains of Umbria, Italy.

Yoga Borgo, is a Kundalini Yoga retreat in Italy that I have been dreaming of going to for at least 3-4 years.  I even wrote the couple that own the place back in 2009 telling them it was my dream to visit one day.  With that said, I knew that it was not in our budget for Jon and I to even spend a single day there on this trip.  But we had a week open on our calendar with no where to go, and I kept thinking about Yoga Borgo.

I saw on their calendar that they had a retreat coming up, so I was doubtful, but something kept urging me to write.  So, I sent an email asking if they would consider a service exchange (called Seva in the yoga world).

In less than 24-hours we had a reply that the timing was perfect for them and all we had to do was get 3 letters of recommendation to them and go from there.  So a special shout out to Kirn Kaur, Arlena & Keith for their speedy and glowing recommendation letters, because we got a spot!  It turned out Sada Sat Kaur, one of the owners is best friends with the lady I did my teacher training with three years ago, what a small world!

It was such a great lesson for me to really reach out and speak up when there is something that you dream of doing.  Because where there is a will there is a way!  We will be working hard, but we get to be in the space and the energy that I have dreamed of…how awesome is that!?!

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