Drive through the English countryside


Do you remember when you were young and would draw a picture of hills?  Usually it was one line that went from the side of the piece of paper to the bottom and a second line that came from the other side of the piece of paper and met up with the first line.  Forming something like an M shape on the paper.  It was very simple to draw but gave the illusion of hillsides coming together.

When we were driving through the Dorset countryside I couldn’t help but think of those childlike drawings.  The rolling hills, with patchwork colors of straw and muted greens, spotted with white sheep, makes you feel as if you are in one of those childlike drawings, where everything is perfect with the world.

Driving or taking the train through the countryside in England for whatever reason makes me feel like a kid, amazed with the painting I have become part of for that moment. One of my favorite parts is seeing sheep scattered along the hillsides, grazing.  So I was super excited, just like a kid, when Jon found a field of sheep along our drive we could pull over an enjoy.

 field of sheep

I have mostly seen sheep from a distance, so when we stopped I was amazed by the farm animal smell!  Sheep definitely have their own scent!  You could also hear all the tearing of the grass as they chomped away on their dinners.  They gazed up just long enough to check us out, then went right back to keeping the field looking nice and mowed.

Why are you disturbing my meal?

Why are you disturbing my meal?


There is something peaceful about watching animals going about their daily business.  Not stressed about much of anything, just living out their purpose in life.  Could you imagine if we went through life the same way?


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