Classic Dublin


Following the guide books some of the top places to visit in Dublin are Trinity College, the Book of Kells and Temple Bar.  The Book of Kells is located within Trinity College Campus, which makes visiting both really easy.  The Book of Kells is a collection of four books of illuminated manuscripts and contain the Gospels.

The Book of Kells exhibit starts with a very informative display on how the cow hides were made into the vellum to write on and how book bindings were made in that time.  The second room is where the Book of Kells is located.  There is only one display case with two of the books shown, the display case is a square in the center of the room, which leads to a tremendous amount of shoving to try and weasel your way in to get a quick glimpse of the books.  After being elbowed by a 4 foot 5 inch grandma, I gave up all together.  Got on my tip-toes for a quick peek and moved on, the display definitely needs some work so everyone going through can see the books, especially for the price.  The best part was the last room which was the old library of Trinity College and was straight out of Harry Potter.


After leaving the Book of Kells, it is easy to wander around Trinity College campus and take in some of the beautiful Georgian architecture.

Trinity College

Then what is a trip to Dublin without going to Temple Bar?  The entire Temple District feels like college game day!  We happened to be there the day Ireland was playing Sweden for the World Cup Qualifiers…let me tell you it was crazy!  Temple Bar was packed like Sardines!  But it is definitely a fun area filled with young and the young at heart!


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