Budget Travel in the UK

National Express

When reviewing our budget, transportation in the UK is our biggest challenge.  The UK has wonderful transportation systems, but you will pay for it.  Then add in the conversion rate to US dollars and a quick cab ride to and from the hotel, suddenly sets you back $100.  Let’s just say if you are planning to stay long term in the UK, double whatever you have planned for your transportation budget and you might be closer to reality!

The best discovery we have made to help with budget travel is the National Express bus service, or coach service as they call it here.  National Express coach service is throughout most of the UK and provides very reasonable fares, especially if you book in advance.  Our recent trip back to Poole from London on the National Express only cost 18 pounds for both of us!

I have to tell you I was hesitant at first, picturing a Greyhound type bus, which drop you off in the shady dark alleys of the worst neighborhoods.  But the National Express coaches are impressive, complete with leather seats and seat belts.  The coaches are more like touring buses and a great option if you are watching your costs.

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