Bluebell Woods

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Did you ever dream of magical enchanted forests?  Or long to walk in a Jane Austin novel?  If you are a guy I probably have already lost your attention.  But as soon as someone says, a field of bluebell flowers, I am there!  Visiting Bluebell Woods, far exceeded the image I had conjured up in my mind.  This is mother nature at her best, creating a bluish-purple carpet of flowers, amongst spring trees with bright green, baby leaves.

You are surrounded by a green canopy of trees as you walk dirt paths through the woods.  The first real sign of Spring in England is when the bluebells arrive.  They start blooming when the sun starts showing it’s rays and the days become delightfully crisp.  The scent isn’t overwhelming, just fresh.

There is something special about seeing and being in the raw beauty of nature.  The little fairies whisper to remind you how blessed you are to be invited to bluebell woods…because the flowers are only out for a few weeks.  Count your blessings…

bluebell woods




Jessica & Ninette in Bluebell Woods

Jessica & Ninette in Bluebell Woods


Bluebell Woods is right outside Wimborne in Pamphill.  Follow signs for Kingston Lacy Trust House, then follow the homemade Bluebell signs.

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