A week in the country

rapeseed fields

There are certain places that fill the spirit and revitalize the mind and body.  For me personally it is a quiet walk on the beach, either early in the morning or at sunset.  For Jon, it is in the mountains of Tennessee.  For both of us, in the past week it has been the countryside of Dorset, England.  The obvious link is nature and being part of the Great Source of all living beings.  Syncing up with the rhythm of nature and the vibration of LIFE.  No matter where you are in the world or what your day-to-day life looks like, remember to take the time to be in nature, it does so much for each of us.

Put the two of us in the country for a week and here is what happens…

IMG_2085We hike to the tallest hilltop, challenging our bodies and taking in the beautiful views.

IMG_2110We relax in the fields of grass, soaking up the first sunshine in months!

cloudsWe dream about the heavens and commune with nature.

double twinsWe laugh and freakout at cracking 2 twin eggs.  Out of the 6 we picked up from the farmer down the street we had 3 total twin yolks…it better not be a sign!

English CountrysideOh yeah and create two separate businesses for our return, sitting at an old farm table sipping tea and coffee.

It is amazing what a little bit of time in nature can do!


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