A perfect morning

English Countryside

The countryside brought with it the best sleep we have had in months.  There is something about sleeping through the night that is pure bliss!

Our very quiet morning started with tea and breakfast at the long wooden farm table.  Our view is of a fenced in patch of green grass in the front garden.  Further in the distance is a slight hill covered in tall grass with cream, yellow and magenta wild flowers bending in the breeze.  A break in the shrubs, gives glances of dairy cows in the distance grazing on the land.

We can tell already the week here is going to go too fast.  We needed this balance, this time to chill in the country, just the two of us.  We are housesitting and get to hangout with one of the coolest cats, Scratch.  He is straight out of Sabrina the Teenaged Witched TV show.  I keep waiting for him to start talking to us and have a normal conversation with him!

I’m also waiting for Jude Law to knock on the door like in the movie The Holiday or Jane Austin to walk by!

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