A Midsummer Night’s Dream: the cheap “seats”

the globe theater London

On our last evening in London we saw the late showing of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theater.  We got the tickets 10 days prior when we arrived in London and the only tickets left were the yard tickets.  The yard tickets, are basically tickets of entry, with no seats.  You get to stand in the “yard” in front of the stage for the 3 hour performance.  If you are thinking that sounds terrible…I was concerned too.  The good news was the tickets were ultra cheap at 5 pounds per person, so I figured if we couldn’t stand the pain we could leave at intermission.

A downside to yard tickets, is if you want a good spot, meaning front row by the stage or around the back where you can lean up against the wall, you need to queue up early.  So we arrived an hour and a half before the show to line up.  Now I was really worried because the 3 hours of standing, now was 4.5 hours.


By the way I was not aware that Jon was taking this picture…but here is the queue we were in before going into the theater. My shoes complete the tourist look, but they came in handy, trust me!


Once the doors open about 30 minutes before show time, you get to stand in another queue to actually get into the theater.  We had planned on getting a spot in the back so we could lean against the wall and ease the suffering of standing so long.  But when we got in the yard we could not resist a spot right up front, leaning on the stage!

The Stage



Thank goodness the weather was beautiful because it is an open theater and our “yard” tickets were not covered!



So how was it?  How did we survive standing so long?  It turned out to be one of the best performances we have experienced.  As soon as the musicians came on stage to perform before the play began, you were transported back to Shakespearean times.  We could literally see the actors breathing, we had to move our fingers off the stage so they didn’t step on them and by being so close we became part of the performance.  We were doubled over laughing at points and holding our breath in suspense at others.  It was phenomenal.

To be honest we hardly noticed that we were standing the whole time because we were so enraptured in the play.  And this is coming from two people that hated having to read Shakespeare in school.  To me there is nothing worse than having to read a play.  It is like giving me the screenplay to my favorite movie and making me read it…boring!  Show it to me on stage and I am in love.  Shakespeare was meant to be performed and enjoyed by experiencing it.  And experiencing it at the Globe theater in London is the perfect setting, even from the cheap “seats.”

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