A journey that filled the heart in Weymouth

weymouth beach

England is cold and rainy, a point that is driven home hard while spending any time here.  We arrived into Weymouth from London in the pouring rain and it was about 50 degrees.  Where is summer?  Far different than the sunny day when we visited a few months ago, but we had a far deeper experience.

We traveled to Weymouth for our second official housesitting assignment.  We were met by the homeowner that wanted us to stay with her cat, Scratch, while she was away.  She had a function she was overseeing and running in Weymouth, so we wandered around huddled together in the rain and along the beach, while she was preparing for her event.




We were invited to the event, which was a monthly event/party/hangout/night of fun for the local Friendship Club.  The Friendship Club is a group of friends with various learning and developmental disabilities or challenges.  We were told before hand that the event was an optional costume party, dressing up as your favorite musical.  What we were not expecting was a room packed with people, with bumping dancing music and a happening party of around fifty people!

In the amount of time it took me to go to the ladies room, Jon made a new friend!  Jon’s new friend was so open and upfront, it was refreshing.  Telling us how nervous he was to speak to us since we were American and he didn’t know if we would be nice or not.  How about that for being transparent!?!  He told us about his passions and asked us about ours.  Within about 5 minutes he kept asking us to be his friends and connect on Facebook, which we did right there and then.  The honesty in his conversation, the honesty in his desire to become friends was so beautiful.  Could you image if we all lead our lives completely from our hearts like that?  Not worried about judgments or impressions, just sharing your heart and asking others to share theirs.

The night continued with us being the judges of the costume contest.  We were supposed to pick the top 5 costumes.  It was hard to pick, when you could tell how much effort was put into the costumes.  The prizes were round wall mirrors, about a foot in diameter.   The mirrors were a big hit, as winners would look at themselves for extended periods of time in the mirror, laughing or making faces at themselves.  Then in pairs or groups looking to the mirror, as if the biggest gift was their reflection.  And they were correct.

I couldn’t help but reflect and feel so full of love, just being in their presence.  Earlier that day I had one of those mornings, when you just don’t feel pretty.  I was feeling kinda of old and didn’t even want to look in the mirror.  Then I meet a group of men and women, many with Down’s syndrome that found their reflections in the mirror the most beautiful thing in the room.  If that doesn’t put things into perspective for you, I don’t know what will.

Jon and I reflected afterwards and we don’t know if we have ever felt such pure love and happiness before.  These are the experiences that we love having.  Being part of and welcomed at the Friendship Club in the seaside village of Weymouth, on a cold rainy evening in England.  Pretty sure being here was meant to be…

With our new friend!

With our new friend!

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