A Boat Ride Around Lake Como

como feature

What is a visit to Lake Como without a boat ride?  We were treated with a very special tour of Lake Como by boat.  We were staying near Bellagio, so we started there and sailed all around the center of Lake Como, to Varenna, Menaggio & Lenno .  There are parts of the Lake that are 400-700 meters deep (1300-2300 feet) in the center!  The lake was formed from glaciers during the Ice Age, which explains how the lake is so deep.

There are multiple different ferry boats or taxis you can take around Lake Como.  It is amazing how much different everything looks from the water.  The views are fabulous of the mountains and the enormous lake houses.  Plus, one of the best parts about being on the water is the cool breeze that hits you in the face.  Instant air conditioning in the summer!

Hope you enjoy the views with us:

lake como






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