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Packing Checklist

packing list

Packing for any trip can be challenging, let  alone a trip that lasts a year.  I literally spent hours researching what to pack.  Hopefully the past week has helped those of you that are packing-challenged, like me.  One thing that

Gear Packing List

We have two iPods so we can both listen to music while we are working.  Plus the iPod touch is our link to everyone.  Notice we have NO CELLPHONE.  We use the iPod touch for email, facetime and skype to

Packing Ideas for HIM

  Yes, we got this all in 1-carryon roller bag.  Jon didn’t believe me about rolling his clothes, so he tried packing everything regularly first.  When only half of his items fit, he let me try the rolling methods and

Packing Ideas for HER

Drum roll please…….     Okay, so I might have gone a bit over the top, but I LOVE visual packing lists.  Can you believe I got all of this in 1 roller carry-on suitcase!!  Once I started putting everything

It’s Packing Week!! Toiletries Checklist


Out of all the questions we have received from people, everyone is always interested in what we have packed and how we got everything in 1 carry-on bag, plus one personal item each.  So this is your lucky week, you

The French Have a Bad Rap

Eiffel Tower

In the States the French, particularly the Parisians have a terrible reputation for being rude.  In fact, I was a bit nervous before we left that we wouldn’t have a nice time in Paris, since neither of us speak French.

Reality Hits

Picture 3

My best friend has been asking periodically, “Has it hit you yet?”  The reality of what we are doing has only hit me twice so far.  The morning after we moved out of our home when we were staying at

We can travel Europe for a year, right?


Not so fast.  Have you heard of the Schengen?  We hadn’t either (stupid Americans)! The Schengen The Schengen is actually a treaty agreement between certain European countries.  The purpose is the make countries of the European Union one region, that

Radio Show-The Road Less Traveled

We were recently featured on the radio show All Things Moore County with host Bill Sahadi.  We got a beautiful write up in The Pilot about the show.  If you missed the live broadcast, you can still listen to the

Let the Journey Begin

Our Journey

We are down to the last few hours in Pinehurst.  Packing up the car to the ceiling and beginning our road trip to Sarasota, Florida.  We have enjoyed the past few days, saying our goodbyes to the wonderful friends we