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Staying for Free in Europe


What are your biggest expenses of travel?  Transportation and Accommodations. We have recently discovered about a wonderful way to meet new people and get free accommodations. is an online community that connects homeowners with trusted house sitters to watch

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: the cheap “seats”

the globe theater London

On our last evening in London we saw the late showing of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theater.  We got the tickets 10 days prior when we arrived in London and the only tickets left were the yard

Saving Money on the London Tubes

Oyster Cards

Two of the biggest expenses when traveling are lodging and transportation.  We discovered a wonderful transportation money saver this trip to London, the Oyster card.  The Oyster card is the size of a credit card and acts as your ticket

London Theater on a Budget


One of the best parts about London is it’s theater.  Our favorite thing to do when we visit London is make sure we see a few shows.  Last night we saw the classic A Chorus Line, which was a first for

Budget Travel in the UK

National Express

When reviewing our budget, transportation in the UK is our biggest challenge.  The UK has wonderful transportation systems, but you will pay for it.  Then add in the conversion rate to US dollars and a quick cab ride to and

Money Saving Tip: Food in England

Farmer's Market pickings

Spending time in England is definitely a challenge on the budget.  Not only is almost everything expensive, but add in the conversion of pounds to dollars, and things become outrageous! But we have discovered a huge money saving tip for

You Don’t Have to be Rich to Travel the World


One of the first assumptions people make when we say we are leaving our jobs and traveling Europe for a year, is that we are rich.  We are rich in many things, but I assure you we have a very

Which Credit Card to Use Abroad

Which Credit Card to use Abroad

Credit cards, credit cards, credit cards.  There are so many options available, it can be overwhelming!  Yet, this is one choice we did NOT spend countless hours over!  Yay, us!  One of the largest credit card companies, CapitalOne, charges ZERO

Banking Abroad: Money Saving Tips

bank clipart

  After returning from our trip to England in February we were shocked by all the fees we were charged by our bank. We had to withdraw cash at two different times on our trip from the ATM.  The fees