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Random Observations


Here are some random observations of life back in the good old                                              U.S. of A. PUBLIX For those

Transitioning back…

Transitioning back has been an interesting combination of sensations.  For me it took awhile to feel grounded, almost like I was floating through the days, feeling slightly disconnected from what was happening around me.  Jon, on the other hand didn’t

everything is BIGGER

big car on a big road

Without a doubt the first thing both of us experienced on our transition back to the US is how everything is BIGGER!  The cars,  roads, homes, sandwiches, shopping centers, restaurants, sidewalks…the hair…no just kidding we are in Florida, not Texas!

Where do we go from here?

Now what?  Where do we go from here?  How do we transition back to life in the United States?  What happens to the blog? We are filled with questions!  It seems like many of you followed the blog either because

Welcome Home

flight home

Denial.  I was in denial that we were actually flying back to the U.S. until about 8.5 hours into our international flight when we started making the final descent for landing.  Until that point all the craziness of travel just


Sete street

Today I don’t really feel like writing and I don’t really feel like going through thousands of pictures to pick a few for the blog, but after posting every day this year so far, I don’t feel like giving up

Relaxing in Switzerland

jon & balou

Sundays are meant for relaxing in our book.  The home we are house sitting has beautiful views of the mountains and fields, which we are enjoying from the back porch today.  As our trip is drawing to a close, we


jon's favorite spot

Jon assumed his favorite spot on the balcony overlooking Agropoli before being picked up by his cousin Mafalda.  When Jon’s cousin arrived, we had to search deep to remember our basic Italian, because she spoke very little English.  But she

Feeling the love in Agropoli


The purpose of visiting Agropoli was to see where Jon’s grandfather was born.  Jon also tried getting in touch with a distant cousin in Agropoli, unfortunately without any luck.  Although, we did know where he worked, so we set out

Happy Father’s Day!

The fan

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! Jon and I are blessed to have wonderful men as fathers that have always been there for us!  They are both wonderful examples of strong, compassionate, hard working men, that give