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Folk Festivals in England

Wimborne Folk Dancers

On our last weekend in Wimborne we were able to catch the Folk Festival.  We started the walk to town and our friends The Millers happened to be walking to the festival at exactly the same time.  Don’t you just

Snapshot Saturday: Poole Sunset & Bluebells


    Bluebell woods was without a doubt a highlight of the week.  We also had a wonderful evening on Evening Hill watching the sunset over Poole Harbor.    

Bluebell Woods

feature BB

Did you ever dream of magical enchanted forests?  Or long to walk in a Jane Austin novel?  If you are a guy I probably have already lost your attention.  But as soon as someone says, a field of bluebell flowers,

Traditional Sunday and Jon’s First Drive


This morning we made our way back to Wimborne Minster for a church service.  It is the first time we have been to church since we left for our journey, it helps that now service is in English!  When we

Picture Journey Through Wimborne

Wimborne Minster

    Wimborne is the nearest town to where we are staying, it is only a few minutes by car.  We had a quick walk through the town yesterday and are headed back this morning for the Farmer’s Market. I