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Spring in Poole Park

flower beds

We spent about 5 hours yesterday in Poole Park for a picnic and some exercise.  All of the spring flowers are now in bloom, the most shocking were the dark purple, almost black tulips.  While walking almost 5 miles, we

Snapshot Saturday: Poole Sunset & Bluebells


    Bluebell woods was without a doubt a highlight of the week.  We also had a wonderful evening on Evening Hill watching the sunset over Poole Harbor.    

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

  Whilst walking around Upton Country Park we couldn’t help but notice all the trees, and bushes, and flowers filled with buds.  Signs of new beginnings and the beauty that comes after the cold hard winter.  One of the beauties

Parks of Poole: Upton Country Park

upton house front

Today we visited Upton Country Park and I was reminded again why I love England so much.  The park is open to the public and has acres of manicured gardens, open fields for dogs to run freely, play areas for

A day of acting like kids in Poole Park

Poole park

The sun was shining my friends, it was shining!  We had to seize the moment and the sunshine!  Without a doubt we take sunshine for granted being native Floridians!  Not anymore.  With any hope of sun in the forecast we

Parks of Poole: Canford Heath

the sun is out

When visiting England, if you wait for nice weather, you maybe waiting a long time.  That is what the Brits tell us anyways.  This morning from 7-9 AM sunshine was forecasted, which resulting in a 6:30 alarm, as to ensure

An Afternoon in Poole

high street in Poole

We escaped to Poole yesterday as soon as the sun peaked out from the clouds.  It was only about 40 degrees outside with heavy gusts of wind, but the Brits saw some sunshine and everyone was outside.  Even a few