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The Perfect Evening in London

st.paul's dome

  When the sky darkens in London, the romance of the city begins.  The bridges become colorfully lit passage ways, spreading sparkles of light on the Thames below.  The Dome of St. Paul’s becomes a giant night light, guiding your

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: the cheap “seats”

the globe theater London

On our last evening in London we saw the late showing of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theater.  We got the tickets 10 days prior when we arrived in London and the only tickets left were the yard

Snapshot Saturday: Last of London

St Pauls London

        The last shots of London before we head to the countryside!  We got to enjoy some beautiful sunshine at Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  

Saving Money on the London Tubes

Oyster Cards

Two of the biggest expenses when traveling are lodging and transportation.  We discovered a wonderful transportation money saver this trip to London, the Oyster card.  The Oyster card is the size of a credit card and acts as your ticket

Overzealous in London

Natural History museum

While in London, Jon bought me some running shoes.  My feet and knees were hurting so much by the end of our walks in my Euro shoes, that I finally decided I would rather be comfortable than be fashionable.  

Park break


  Please excuse us as we take a break & keep it simple.  We are enjoying living it up in St. James’s Park with some sunshine…  

Visiting the Top Churches of London


  If you are like us, when you visit other countries you are drawn to visit all types of churches, mainly to see the grand architecture and stained glass windows.  London has wonderful churches worth wandering through, but eventually all

Snapshot Saturday: Modern London

Millenium bridge

  This morning, we decided to share some pictures of London that you normally would not think of for the city.  Here are some shots of a more modern London.  Enjoy!    

London Theater on a Budget


One of the best parts about London is it’s theater.  Our favorite thing to do when we visit London is make sure we see a few shows.  Last night we saw the classic A Chorus Line, which was a first for

Classic London


Yesterday we visited the classic sights of London, starting with Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, the epitomy of British pomp and circumstance.  During the summer months you can experience Changing of the Guard daily, if you come in