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Museums in Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland

As a kid I was dragged to more museums than I can remember, by my artistic parents.  When I was young it was mostly just walking through countless rooms of paintings.  I tried behaving well, until the promised “fun” activity

Hiking Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

Arthur's Seat

When walking the Royal Mile you can see a large hill or cliff in the distance.  The hill top is named Arthur’s Seat.  It is made up of two hills with a valley in between.  Depending on how daring you

Snapshot Saturday: Spring Blooms

green irish flowers

  Some beautiful flowers from the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.  Hope you enjoy!  The day after I took these we got snow/frozen rain!          

Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Gardens

  Spring is blooming in Edinburgh!  Yesterday we visited the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh and saw the bright green leaves growing on the trees and bursts of color beginning to show from flowers and shrubs.  We were surprised to find

Experiencing Scotch Whisky


We felt like this post would be best suited for the weekend, but we learned so much we couldn’t wait to share it with you all.  I have grown up around Scotch drinkers and Jon was nicknamed ‘The Old Man”

Literary Edinburgh


  The Scottish take their literature seriously.  Some of the largest monuments around Edinburgh are all dedicated to famous Scottish authors and poets.  You can take numerous literary tours or even literary pub crawls! The picture to the left is

Park Bench Sitting


We have been in ultra chill mode for the past two days.  We are staying in a flat in Edinburgh and this is the first time since the beginning of January that we have been just the two of us.

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile: Celebration of Troops & Royal Sighting

Welcome home troops

Yesterday, was a beautiful day with the sun shining, so we decided to be outside walking the entire day.  We headed out with the plan to walk the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace. Once we