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White Horse & Cookery

wt horse feasure

We are at our last day in the UK and wanted to share with you a wonderful sight our friends took us to see, “The White Horse.”  The White Horse dates back to the Bronze Age, 5,000 years ago!  It

Snapshot Saturday: English Gardens


    We captured some wonderful shots of flowers, in a typical English garden in Blewbury.  Hope you enjoy!    

Bells of Blewbury


To be honest, seeing the bells of Blewbury’s Parish Church, was one of the things about visiting our friends in Blewbury that we were most looking forward to!  Mike is a bell ringer and had promised us a trip to

The Cotswolds: Picturesque England


It is the scale of the buildings in the Cotswolds that make you feel as if you are in a story book.  The doors are shorter than average and the windows are kept small, dating back to times when glass

Picture Journey through Oxford

Radcliffe Library

Oxford is home to Oxford University, which is a great day trip from London.  We are down to our last few days in the UK and took the day to leisurely stroll through the town.  Oxford has beautiful architecture taking

Folk Festivals in England

Wimborne Folk Dancers

On our last weekend in Wimborne we were able to catch the Folk Festival.  We started the walk to town and our friends The Millers happened to be walking to the festival at exactly the same time.  Don’t you just

A week in the country

rapeseed fields

There are certain places that fill the spirit and revitalize the mind and body.  For me personally it is a quiet walk on the beach, either early in the morning or at sunset.  For Jon, it is in the mountains

Illusions of a peaceful day


First things first.  On arrival to the countryside we needed to walk to the nearest store to stock up on some food.  We were graciously given yogurts and breakfast food from the lady we are housesitting for, so after breakfast

Snapshot Saturday: English Countryside


Blessed with blue skies and a “heat wave.”  The heat wave is relative.  In the UK a heat wave means about 60 degrees Fahrenheit with sunshine!!  Enjoy some pictures of England with pretty skies…

A perfect morning

English Countryside

The countryside brought with it the best sleep we have had in months.  There is something about sleeping through the night that is pure bliss! Our very quiet morning started with tea and breakfast at the long wooden farm table.