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An Unforgettable Road Trip


  We made the decision to take our first long road trip of our journey.  The trains from Basel to southern France were over $500, so renting a car and driving seemed like the better option.  We blindly followed the

Tornado Sirens

green skies

We had some scary skies approach in the morning hours the other day.  After Jon’s morning coffee, he was playing weather man taking shots of the crazy sky and serious squall line.  Meanwhile, I was running through the house closing

Relaxing in Switzerland

jon & balou

Sundays are meant for relaxing in our book.  The home we are house sitting has beautiful views of the mountains and fields, which we are enjoying from the back porch today.  As our trip is drawing to a close, we

Swiss National Day!

swiss national day feature

We arrived to Basel, Switzerland just in time for their Independence Day, also known as Swiss National Day.  The official day is on August 1st, but they start celebrating on July 31st in the cities.*  We were invited by the

We are in Basel, Switzerland!

Great guesses everyone!  We are actually in a suburb of Basel on a house sitting assignment.  We are taking care of a dog, 2 cats, 1 kitten and 3 guinea pigs…it’s a zoo!!  We love house sitting though and the