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Yoga Family & Flow


After a rare summer afternoon rain in the mountains of Umbria, we are reminded of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  For Jon it is like going back to his childhood and one of his favorite places to visit, yet we

Snapshot Saturday: Positano & Yoga Borgo

Butterfly Yoga Borgo

Here is our favorite shot from last week in Positano and some shots of butterflies at Yoga Borgo.  Enjoy!  Happy Saturday!    

Yoga Borgo

high in the Umbrian mountains

Our first evening at Yoga Borgo was magical.  We walked to one of the open meadows at night and it was blinking with fireflies.  The darkness from being the only place on top of the mountain, made the sparks of

Entering Solitude for a Week

yoga borgo feature

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a certain place or destination for years?  Spending hours devouring the website, meeting other people that have gone and dreaming of going there one day?  For me that place was Yoga Borgo high in