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Traveling to Amalfi

all aboard

Visiting the beautiful stretch of Amalfi coastline is not for the faint hearted! From Rome we traveled to Salerno by train, which was very posh on Italy’s new train line, Italo.  From there the fun began!  From the train station there is

Tourist for a Day: Hopping On & Off

Hop on & off bus

One of the things that my family wanted to do while in Rome was the Hop On & Hop Off bus.  In all the travel we have done, we have never taken a Hop On & Off bus. Jon ended

Ancient Rome: The Forum & Colosseum

The forum

The Forum is the ancient city of Rome.  Just standing amongst the ruins is impressive, it is easy to imagine how majestic the city would have been when in it’s full glory. The detail and expertise that went into buildings

Snapshot Saturday: Agropoli & The Pantheon


  A shot of the Pantheon and Agropoli.  It was hard to leave Agropoli, we can’t wait to return again in the future!      

Highlights of Rome

trevi fountainjj

  We went from meeting Jon’s family in Agropoli to welcoming my cousin & her family to Rome.  It was the best feeling watching them pull up to the hotel in a taxi and getting to hug close family for