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A time to celebrate!


We have reached a milestone here at While Traveling Abroad.  Yesterday was my 200th post!  Since we began our journey I have blogged every single day, which I have to thank you for reading and commenting and keeping me motivated

Snapshot Saturday: Blessings from Saints


  When walking and driving around Italy, it seems every street corner has a saint or the Madonna over looking people as they pass below.  I couldn’t help but feel that we are all being blessed as we walk or

Masseria Triticum

triticum masseria

A masseria in Italy used to be a self-sufficient compound or country house with a few families.  Everything they needed they made themselves from the land surrounding the masseria.  Today masserias have become more farm like, with some selling food,

Polignano di Mare, A Southern Italian Gem


There are certain places you visit in life that you connect with instantly.  You feel comfortable, safe, alive, joyful, excited.  You can’t help but walk around with the corners of your mouth turned up, in a continuous grin.  Your spirit

Snapshot Saturday: Polignano di Mare

Polignano di Mare

We fell in love with Polignano!  We hope you enjoy a sneak peak of a few pictures today, we will tell you all about our new favorite spot in Puglia tomorrow!    

Foods of Cisternino

Cisternino feature

We ventured out in the rain the other night to get a quick glimpse of Cisternino.  Cisternino is a small town in Puglia that is known for its meat production.  There are butcher shops scattered throughout the town that also

Weekend in Italy

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 4.55.56 PM

We have been busy volunteering all weekend in Italy and we have had a lot of fun as well.  Our host threw a pizza party last night.  They have an authentic Italian pizza oven in their home and we had

Snapshot Saturday: Doors & Windows of Puglia


Here are a few of our favorite shots of doors and windows around Puglia.   Happy Saturday!  

The Joy of Life’s Unsuspected Moments


Our new host family picked us up yesterday.  They are also in Puglia and actually even closer to Ostuni than we were before.  This was the first place we booked before we left the States.  When we read Cathy and

Good morning Sunshine


I love mornings.  It’s that special time of day, when it is calm, peaceful.  There is no rush, no stress.  You have the opportunity to just be. When I wake up early, before everyone else and have my time for