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Ravello to Marmorata: Ceramics & Steps

ravello feature

The last day with the family we drove up to Ravello, a town high above the Amalfi coast famous for its ceramics.  If you are on the Amalif coast and want to purchase Italian ceramics, this is the town to

Boating the Amalfi Coast

amalfi boat ride feature

My cousins surprised us with a boat trip along the Amalfi coast, which was an incredible treat!  The boat picked us up at the hotel dock and our first stop was a cave that was filled with bats and water

Snapshot Saturday: Amalfi

Man in a Boat - Amalfi

Some of our favorite shots from the Amalfi coast.  Better late than never!!  

Magical Moment in Amalfi


After the crazy drive on the Amalfi coast we de-stressed at dinner.  We were the first reservation at 7:30 in the evening and our table was right against the railing overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the coastline. The sea breeze

Traveling to Amalfi

all aboard

Visiting the beautiful stretch of Amalfi coastline is not for the faint hearted! From Rome we traveled to Salerno by train, which was very posh on Italy’s new train line, Italo.  From there the fun began!  From the train station there is