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Snapshot Saturday: Paris & Amsterdam


  We can’t believe how much has happened in a week.  Here are our favorite shots of Paris & Amsterdam via Instagram.  I could look at the one of the Jardin des Tuileries everyday!  Such a romantic place to stroll.

12 Hours in Paris

train station feature

Traveling from London to Paris came with a lot of anxiety.  After the difficulty we had arriving into London customs, we were prepared for a damn inquisition leaving the UK and entering the Schengen again.  We could both feel it

Au revoir Paris


Our last day in Paris was perfection.  We have no idea how the Parisians actually live out their daily lives, but we felt very Parisian.  The day started with coffee and croissant before making our way to the Louvre.  On

Strolling the Streets of Paris


Can you imagine having nothing better to do with your day than strolling the streets of Paris?  Giving yourself an extra day or two in this magic city allows you to do just that, plus you might even feel a

Snapshot Saturday: Paris

Each Saturday we will share with you, one of our favorite pictures from our journey.  Today had to be the Eiffel Tower.

Want to feel rich for a day? Visit Versailles

Versailles gate

You can’t help but imagine what it must feel like to be outrageously wealthy when visiting Versailles.  Every inch of space, is a display of extravagance.  The walls are covered in fine fabrics, masterpieces of art, gilded plaster or marble;

Paris the Latin Quarter


It is wonderful having 9 days in Paris because we can leisurely explore each arrondissement.  We explored the 5th arrondissement, which is also known as, the Latin Quarter and the 6th arrondissement.  We started the day at Notre-Dame (are you

To Montmartre or Not To?

Sacre Coure

The Montmartre is a very popular district or village of Paris.  When we told people about our upcoming trip to Paris, even Parisians told us we had to go to Montmartre, it was their favorite place.  It is well known

The Marais

notre dame front

Today we explored the Ile de la Cite, where Notre Dame is located, and the 3rd and 4th arrondissements which make up The Marais. The Cathedrale de Notre-Dame is known as the heart of Paris and was built in the 12th

New Year’s Eve in Paris

Bon Annee!  Happy New Year!  Enjoy our video at the Eiffel Tower.