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Au revoir France!

Jon in Meze

Well this is it!  We are on our last bit of time in France for our trip, only one more country before we head back over the pond.  The sense of saying goodbye is creeping in…of leaving part of our

Abbey Valmagne: Vineyard, Restaurant, Historic Site

Abby feature

  Abbey Valmagne is a former monastery in southern France, near Villeveyrac.  The monastery was built in 1138 and later became a vineyard making it one of the wealthiest monasteries in the area.  Because it was a wine producing monastery

Meze Market

Meze market

We have traveled down the coast a bit to Meze, France and just in time for the market in city center.  And guess who was there with us!!???!! THE RENTS ARE HERE!!  Yay! After missing their flight from Dublin to