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Chateau La Merienne

chateau Merienne

This beautiful chateau in Cavaliere was our home along the French Riviera for three weeks.  We were surrounded by yellow blooms of mimosa trees, that had a slight honey smell when in full bloom.  When the wind was blowing just

Snapshot Saturday: Succulents


During our weeding we discovered these beautiful succulents hidden beneath all the cloves.  What would you discover if you cleared some weeds?

Le Mistral – The Winds of Southern France

blue skies

We are up early today because of the Le Mistral.  The Mistral is a strong, powerful wind that whips through Southern France.  The wind comes from the Swiss Alps and rushes down south bringing colder air in the winter and

Driving the French Riviera

peppered homes

Our weekend outing included a drive along the French Riviera.  It is a beautiful drive through cliffs that jut into the Mediterranean Sea.  As you are driving the muscles of your legs and core engage to keep your body upright

Snapshot Saturday: Cavaliere Beach

Lazy Beach Days

Cavaliere beach

Forgive me for the late posting today, but it was one of those lazy Sundays, where you curl up with a good book and drift in and out of sleep on the chaise lounge. The most strenuous thing we did

Snapshot Saturday: St. Clair & Le Lavandou

Le Lavandou

Once again couldn’t decide on just one! Boats and their reflections in Le Lavandou marina.           Beautiful sunset over the St. Clair, France.  The water almost looked metallic.  

We are in Cavaliere, France


Cavaliere is in the region of Provence known not only for it’s lavender fields but also for it’s Rose’ wines.  The region is also known as Cote’d Azure, which means on the edge of the blue, since we are on