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Guardian Angels of Travel


I encountered my first guardian angel of travel when I was eleven and making my first international flight alone.  Those were the days when my parents could get on the plane as well and get me set up in my

Eating and Drinking through Brugge

JJ Bruge

When asking native Belgians their favorite place in Belgium, everyone had Brugge on their list.  So we decided our last weekend in Belgium should be in the magical city of canals.  What we were not expecting was the bitter cold,

Mom, We Got in the Car with a Stranger Today


Last night we ventured out to neighboring villages with a complete stranger.  Well he wasn’t a complete stranger, we met him at the train station on our way back to Belgium from Luxembourg.  We were all at the Charleroi station

Tantrum in the Woods of Belgium


We are enjoying our time with our host.  We have interesting conversations together at each meal.  Of course last night the topic was gun control with the recent speech by Obama.  I am amazed how much Europeans know about American

Finding the breath and snow in Belgium


If you haven’t noticed the shift, I finally came back to my breath.  It is amazing after about a of year of yoga teacher training and two years of teaching yoga, I forgot everything. I couldn’t even tell you my

Snapshot Saturday: Roly, Belgium


On one of our walks around the countryside of Roly, Belgium, we came across an outside church, complete with pews.  The largest one is in Roly and four of the surrounding villages also have something similar, dating back to the

Trying to find the calm in the hushed countryside of Belgium


The anxiety is not completely gone, but I am working on it.  Jon of course is handling everything much better than I am, he says that it is because he expects very little, therefore is not disappointed.  I on the

We are in…Belgium

roly sign

In Belgium the north is called Flanders and the people speak Dutch, the south or Wallonia speaks French, and a small part in the east speaks German.   Before arriving to Belgium, we had a carefree spirit about everything.  We